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Token360 is a full service consultancy providing independent advice and project management for all aspects of token projects from inception to execution and beyond.  

We provide feasibility studies to clients across the globe on issuing tokens as IEOs or STOs for assets of many classes including real estate, commodities, works of art, income streams and financial securities.

The Why Tokens section and our short video outline the benefits of tokenisation and we at Token360 are always happy to discuss what we can do for you.


Why Tokens?

The benefits of tokenising your assets

Releasing value from your assets


Owners of an asset can create tokens representing very small fractions of ownership in it, so making each token affordable and attractive to a wider pool of investors than a traditional share offering.

Control of the asset


Tokens can contain many different layers of rights to the underlying asset ranging from a share of the ownership to a right to some part of the asset, perhaps an income stream, or the token may represent a financial security carrying more sophisticated rights.

Maximising the token's value


Tokens convert an illiquid asset into a tradeable one that can be bought and sold by traders globally 24/7 thereby creating a 'liquidity premium' which enhances the token's price and so releases greater value from the underlying asset.


Ease of dealing in tokens

A token will have all the rights it carries embedded directly onto it and each sale or purchase is recorded on the blockchain supporting the token which means that anyone thinking of buying a token can easily check on its rights, previous dealings and verify the seller's right to do so.


Why Tokens?

This short video explains the background to tokenising assets and highlights some of the key benefits.



Project Management - Independent Advice

Token360 exists to solve the many critical issues involved in a successful token offering .... from initial strategy to global legal compliance to blockchain development to managing investor community relations.  We can project manage each aspect of this complex process using our experienced team of professionals. We provide a full range of services and solutions to help organisations achieve their vision in the world of digital tokens.

Strategic Planning

An initial feasibility study of the asset involved and its suitability for tokenisation underpins every token project and provides a solid foundation from which to launch the development and implementation phases.  Token360 assists in the development of a detailed and clear roadmap which outlines each key stage, identifies the major challenges and provides an effective solution strategy.


Tokenomics involves a complex assessment of the multiple factors involved in developing the financial structure of a token offering.  Each token offering is unique and Token360's experts can advise on all aspects of the appropriate token ecosystem that will lead to a successful token offering including asset valuation, token volume, method of allocation, soft/hard caps, lock-up options and token price.


Each token project will require significant blockchain and other software development to construct the necessary ecosystem to implement the token project and facilitate the offering including KYC/AML procedures, automatic execution by smart contracts and full regulatory compliance particularly in the case of tokens representing regulated financial securities.

Investor Community

A public token offering is reliant upon an engaged and supportive investment community to purchase the token at IPO and then create an active secondary market in the token to support the value.  Token 360 can use its PR & marketing resources to interact with the investment community via social media to generate and maintain interest in a token throughout its lifecycle.

Compliance and Tax

Public offerings of tokens are increasingly regulated but most countries have different regulations for issuing and dealing in tokens.  Token360 will ensure that each token offering is fully compliant in all respects and also that the tax regime is favourable to the token issuer so the maximum net value is released by the token.

Token Launch

Tokens are launched on exchanges, similar to stock exchanges, and each has its own characteristics and investor community.  The process of identifying an exchange best suited to a particular token is a crucial and complex one. Token360 can advise on that, carry out all negotiations with the exchange, assist with drafting the white paper/prospectus and oversee the token listing.


The Team

Where the Passion Begins

Token360 has a professional team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who have many years' experience in blockchain and digital tokens.  Each team member is recognised as an expert in their field and possesses a high level of experience, knowledge and dedication to providing our clients with independent advice.

Tim Carswell

Founder & CEO

Tim is a token visionary who combines a legal background with a wealth of commercial experience.  He focuses on regulatory compliance, the legal structure of token offerings and facilitating token launches on exchanges.

Mark Hardman

Blockchain Architect

Mark is a Certified Blockchain Architect and has delivered systems across Europe and Asia for global players in FMCG, telecoms, automotive, electronics, utilities, and IT. Mark designs and builds the blockchain platforms for tokens.

Jonny Fry

Financial Assets Specialist

Jonny's distinguished career as a prominent asset manager in the City of London underpins his reputation as a visionary and specialist adviser on blockchain, tokens and digital assets in the financial sector.  He holds senior positions in a number of renowned UK blockchain organisations and is a respected author and speaker in the digital asset space.

Lisa JY Tan

Tokenomics Consultant

Lisa is a leading innovator in the field of tokenomics. Her cutting edge token models accommodate traditional economics and create enduring token ecosystems. She advises businesses and institutions around the world.

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